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Interview: James Marsden, Managing Director von FuturLab plaudert über Velocity Ultra

PlanetVita-Redaktion, am 02.07.2013, Seite 2 von 2

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PlanetVita: You've recently released Velocity Ultra for the PSVita. Are you satisfied with the reactions and feedback to the game so far?

James Marden, FuturLab: The most satisfying aspect of our work is receiving emails from people that have enjoyed our games. Velocity Ultra has made a lot of people happy, and that makes us happy!

PlanetVita: Would you please describe the development process? Coming from an original PSminis series, was there any cooperation or support between Sony and FuturLab during the making of the game?

FuturLab: Sony helped fund the game, but in terms of actually getting it produced and running at a solid 60FPS on PS Vita, it’s all been our work.

PlanetVita: Obviously, there are a lot of shoot 'em ups on the market. Which games and/or sci-fi media influenced you to make Velocity Ultra and which features stand out, comparing your game to others?

FuturLab: I don’t like shoot ‘em-ups, I find them boring. I should like them, because they feature spaceships and aliens and cool technology, but they bore the hell out of me because they’re so one-dimensional. I wanted to create a shmup that I would enjoy playing, and inspiration for the depth and complexity of game design in Velocity is probably something like Portal where the player is always learning throughout.

The soundtrack was heavily influenced by Turrican 2 and Airwolf :)

PlanetVita: Velocity Ultra contains some really great humour besides being not the easiest game on the market. How important was it to incorporate some funny parts to the game? Is it kind of a gimmick or do you see it as a part of the experience players have with the game?

FuturLab: Games are supposed to be fun, and I think that core purpose gets lost in a lot of modern games. Robin is a very funny guy, and he injected his sense of humour into the game whilst he was programming it. I think it creates a more rounded experience of fun when humour is added, and I couldn’t do it myself as I’m not funny!

PlanetVita: Besides Velocity Ultra: Do You have any other projects or ideas, that may appear on the Playstation Vita at some point of the time and space continuum?

FuturLab: Definitely :)

PlanetVita: How do you think about the handheld market today? Is it possible, that dedicated gaming handhelds and smartphones can coexist in the future or will the current trend for iOS- and Android games become even stronger?

FuturLab: I honestly don’t have an answer to that question. I’ve learned enough to know that I know nothing about how trends will develop. I do know that I have absolutely no interest in playing games on iOS, as the vast majority of them are either shallow or they treat a player with no common decency or respect. F2P game designers are 21st Century Pickpockets.

PS Vita on the other hand is absolutely rocking with great, artistically interesting games.

PlanetVita: If you had to be some weird kind of alien-like space villain, what would you be and why?

FuturLab: What an interesting question... I think I would be the giant truncated tetrahedron robo-brain at the end of Oblivion. Until it gets destroyed.

PlanetVita: Time to spill the beans: You have many hidden easter eggs and secrets within the game like including the initials of the developers within the levels or using various codes throughout the game menus. But what secret have you hidden from us, that we may have not seen, yet?

FuturLab: Lots ;)

PlanetVita: Thank you for giving us the interview! The last words belong to you. If you want to say something to our readers, this is the chance to say what no one has ever said before.

FuturLab: Pink is the new black.

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profil 91 comments
[02.07.2013 - 18:38 Uhr]
"Pink ist das neue Schwarz" haha xD ein guter Spruch :)
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