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Interview: Phil Gaskell (Ripstone) steht Rede und Antwort zu Men's Room Mayhem

, am 25.05.2013, Seite 2 von 2

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PlanetVITA: Hello Phil! At first, would you introduce yourself and your team to our readers?

Phil Gaskell, Ripstone: My name is Phil Gaskell, I'm the co-founder and Creative Director at Ripstone. We're an indie publisher that specialise in helping to fund small teams to develop and release their games on console, handheld, and smartphones. We have expert marketing staff from Disney and Bizarre Creations, and a crack production team that support the game throughout development from birth to release who've worked at Sony and Rockstar Games in the past on games like LBP, Buzz, and Red Dead Redemption. We pride ourselves on being passionate about games, we've worked in indie development so we understand the process and pressure, and we like to think we do things differently!

PlanetVITA: Men’s Room Mayhem makes its way to the Playstation Vita really soon. Besides the toilet stuff: which features stand out, comparing this game to others?

Ripstone: Aside from the humour I think this is one of the few top quality line drawing games available for the PS Vita, and the price is so good it's hard to find a reason not to buy it! But in terms of the game itself I love the special characters in each of the levels. They really add a different strategy to each location.


PlanetVITA: How was the reaction of your team, when you first introduced the idea for Men’s Room Mayhem to them?

Ripstone: They were the ones who suggested it me! I'm always scribbling down crazy ideas, and the production team have access to the folder where I keep them. They came to me and said 'this game sounds great why don't we make it?'. So they needed no persuasion!

PlanetVITA: Why is the Normal Mode of the game based on „enemy“ waves? Are there any secret studies or observations you have made or is this the fictional part of the game?

Ripstone: We wanted to make the game start off easy and ramp up in difficulty, there were also a few things I didn't like about other line drawing games, in particular the fact you can have accidental collisions, and a single collision causes Game Over. So we decided to go for a wave approach and break the waves up with a cleaning phase between each. This gives players the chance to just hang in there until the time is up, and clean up any mistakes before the next wave. Cleaning up mistakes = getting your lives back.

PlanetVITA: Why do you think that men need guidance while visiting the toilet?

Ripstone: (Laughs) Well maybe most men don't need guidance at the start of a night out, but once the drinks have been flowing I've seen plenty that need help finding the bathroom later in the night!


PlanetVITA: If you imagine any famous person: Who do you think had the highest score in following the unwritten laws of public toilets, if there were such things in real life and why?

Ripstone: I guess that would have to be The Pope! They have a saying in my country that is cleanliness is next to Godliness! So always wash your hands!

PlanetVITA: Do you have any other projects or ideas, that could make it to the PSVita?

Ripstone: Yes, absolutely. We're working with some really talented developers this year to bring more games to PS Vita. There will be some announcements very soon and we'll be showing some games at E3 and Gamescom this year. I can't say what the games are yet but I'm confident gamers will love them! I'm also playing around with a few ideas myself on a variety of concepts, some a little more serious than Men's Room and some not so serious!

PlanetVITA: Thank you for having the interview with us, Phil! Finally, is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Ripstone: It's a pleasure. I'd like to thank your readers for their continued support for PS Vita and Ripstone, and in return we'll continue working hard to bring awesome new games to the system!System zu bringen!

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5 Kommentare

profil 711 comments
[25.05.2013 - 21:32 Uhr]
Sehr gut, ihr macht ausgerechnet mit den Machern jenes Games ein Interview, bei dem unter der Vorstellungs-News jeder schreibt, dass er es nicht kaufen wird!
profil 593 comments
[25.05.2013 - 21:34 Uhr]
Ailtin Altin Bujupaj
Super Interview - sehr netter Mann scheint der Phil zu sein ^^ Ich werde auf jeden Fall mal schauen wann ich den Titel auch mein eigenes nennen kann :)
profil 711 comments
[25.05.2013 - 23:25 Uhr]
Ich würde aber zuerst noch die Demo holen, sie hat mich damals umgestimmt.
profil 968 comments
[26.05.2013 - 14:22 Uhr]
Fand die Demo ganz cool :) Allerdings weiß ich noch nicht ob ich es mir wirklich holen werde. Spaßig wars aber auf jeden Fall :)
profil 324 comments
[29.05.2013 - 13:39 Uhr]
Hab mir die Demo auch geholt. Naja, nett für Zwischendurch, ich werde aber bei der Demoversion bleiben.
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